Backcountry in Kazakhstan, Almaty Region.

Almaty, the biggest city in Kazakhstan, is surrounded by picturesque mountains. They seem to be ideal for backcountry skiing and snowboarding. While there are good ski resorts nearby, it is best to explore the mountains on touring skies, splitboard, or snowshoes.

New opportunities to backcountry in wild Kazakhstan nature.

Many valleys, ridges, peaks, and glaciers are close. They are located within just one-hour travel from the city. Riding in the backcountry is not so popular among local freeriders. This means you can easily find untracked routes during 2-3 weeks after the last big snowfall.

In spring and summer, there is still plenty of snow above the treeline. Therefore, you can find new lines on glaciers and the most interesting slopes of the 4,000-meters and higher peaks. It is pretty usual to explore routes with vertical descents of 1,500 meters during the spring.

Multi-day backcountry tours in Kazakhstan:

One-day backcountry in Kazakhstan: can help organize your backcountry trip in Kazakhstan.

Do you wish to spend a couple of days in the backcountry while visiting Almaty? In that case, our team will assist you in scheduling a ski-tour and hire a highly-experienced mountain guide. We will do our best to pick up the most suitable locations for your needs. This will depend on your group’s particular abilities, such as physical shape, experience, and average age. Regularly, we are proud to serve many guided backcountry programs throughout the snow season in the mountains.

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